Serengeti, Crater and Mahale

Ngorongoro Crater

Discover the land of classical safari among the endless plains of the magnificent Serengeti and the breathtaking scenery of the Ngorongoro Crater, track the chimpanzees in the beautiful Mahale Mountains National Park, and sail on a romantic dhow at sunset on Lake Tanganyika.

Greystoke Mahale Chimp

Spend 3 nights at Klein’s Camp or Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp or Serengeti Under Canvas, 2 nights at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, 1 night at Arusha Coffee Lodge and 4 nights at Greystoke Mahale, and pay less.

Serengeti has come to symbolize paradise to many of us. The Maasai, who had grazed their cattle on the vast grassy plains for millennia had always thought so. To them it was Siringitu – “the place where the land moves on forever.”

Greystoke Mahale camp

Two World Heritage Sites and two Biosphere Reserves have been established within the 30,000 km² region. It’s unique ecosystem has inspired writers from Ernest Hemingway to Peter Mattheissen, filmakers like Hugo von Lawick and Alan Root as well as numerous photographers and scientists. The Serengeti ecosystem is one of the oldest on earth. The essential features of climate, vegetation and fauna have barely changed in the past million years. Early man himself made an appearance in Olduvai Gorge about two million years ago. Some patterns of life, death, adaptation and migration are as old as the hills themselves.

World renowned as a place of absolute wonder, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is dramatically beautiful, and often referred at the 8th world wonder of the world. Perched at the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, this exclusive luxury lodge enjoys spectacular views of the World Heritage Site in which it stands. Here, mankind lives in almost absolute harmony with the incredible wildlife that inhabits the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

There are few places left on earth that might rightfully be called Eden, and the Mahale Mountains is one of them. The mountains soar to 8,000 feet above the clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, which at 420 miles long and 30 miles wide, is a veritable inland sea. The nearest road is almost 100kms away, and that is the most minor of tracks. The slopes of the Mahale Mountains rise behind camp, home to the world’s largest known population of chimpanzees. Within hiking distance is one such group of 60. Every day you can venture out into this deep and magical forest to observe them, our closest relatives, as they groom, wrestle and forage across the leafy floor.

Greystoke Mahale Chimp

Saving from USD 800 per person sharing
This offer is applicable to bookings that are booked and confirmed before 31 January, valid for travel till 15 December 2011

Author: Africa Road Travel

Africa Road Travel is an established inbound southern African tour operator. Our parent company (Cape AgriTours) was established more than 14 years ago, Africa Road Travel started in 2001 and opened their own independent offices in Cape Town in 2004. Since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds, besides the years of accumulated professional industry knowledge and experience, we enjoy special industry contracts with many service providers, Hotels and Guest Houses. This allows us to provide you with individual attention, free assistance with your vacation plans, a free ground handling service and discount prices.

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