AfrikaBurn Festival, South Africa

AfrikaBurn is a fantastically amazing mind-blowing party in the middle of the Karoo….  AfrikaBurn is primarily an Art Festival, creating a temporary community based on radical self-expression and self-reliance in a non-commercial environment.  There is nothing for sale – no vendors, no advertising, not even a barter economy.  The gift economy is about giving of oneself without expecting anything in return.  Try it, it is truly fulfilling.  You bring everything that you will need to survive, shelter, food and water… and a free spirit.  Get ready for next year’s party, 25 – 30 April 2012!

The Burning Man festival grew out of a loose grouping of individuals and organizations who questioned (and continue to question) mainstream, highly commercialized society and what it does to the notion and workings of community.  Burning Man’s mission statement states:  “Our intention is to generate a society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society”.

Art is an absolutely vital part of this project.  As such, think of AfrikaBurn as a blank canvas on which you can put anything you wish to.  Think outside the confines of the art world, move away from the idea of reviews, sales or a relationship between an individual artist and an educated (consuming) elite.  Think of the idiosyncratic, the personal, and a big wild, free, diverse and celebratory community.  This is a free and positive art-making environment.  Art at AfrikaBurn can be everywhere and anywhere; generally though, the camping will be confined to one side of the property, in a half circle facing the Cedarberg mountains.  The open area opposite the camping half circle, is called the binnekring.  This is where most art installations are placed.  This is a free and positive, art-making environment.  Anyone can display what they have created – at AfrikaBurn there is no judgment, competition or censorship.  Most works at AfrikaBurn are created collaboratively with many untrained artists and people from all walks of life.  This is an opportunity or platform for you to flex your creative muscles if you don’t necessarily do this in your everyday life.

Some of the most inspiring spectacles at AfrikaBurn are those that are performed.  This is your opportunity to climb onto your soap box and say what you’ve always wanted to say, or to say what you always wanted to not say…  You will see at AfrikaBurn that there is no “main stage”, this is because the experience is rich and diverse and accessible, and division between the performer and the audience is discouraged.   Again, think interactivity and accessibility.  If you desire to build a stage, go ahead, but there will not be no one dominant spectacle.  Some of the past performances included random acts of ballroom dancing, fire dancing, juggling, drumming, singing, and of course the occasional rodeo for riding your inner demons.

Participants at AfrikaBurn must bring everything that they need to survive in the Karoo, this includes a lot of common sense, a positive attitude and a little help from us at Road Travel.  You will be camping in one of the driest areas in South Africa, there will be no water supplied and the temperature can be extreme: very hot during the day and sometimes very cold at night.  Please come prepared…very prepared.  Contact us to find out more.

Author: Africa Road Travel

Africa Road Travel is an established inbound southern African tour operator. Our parent company (Cape AgriTours) was established more than 14 years ago, Africa Road Travel started in 2001 and opened their own independent offices in Cape Town in 2004. Since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds, besides the years of accumulated professional industry knowledge and experience, we enjoy special industry contracts with many service providers, Hotels and Guest Houses. This allows us to provide you with individual attention, free assistance with your vacation plans, a free ground handling service and discount prices.

One thought on “AfrikaBurn Festival, South Africa”

  1. I am the person behind booktown richmond ‘just down the road’ from you. Let me just say this is truly a mind blowing festival all of you have created here. Between the two festivals, let’s hope we can put the northern cape on the map. Congrats! When I figure out how to contact the founders, would like to discuss a killer idea with you. Darryl

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