Exclusive Serenity for Frégate Island Private

Believe it!  This is not only a honeymoon destination for Royals – Spend Christmas on Frégate Island Private and feel royal!  Road Travel would like to make you aware that for Christmas / New Year, there are still a few one bedroom villas available.

Following William and Kate’s honeymoon in May, the Seychelles has quickly become one of the world’s most sought after destinations, tipped as the hottest destination for next year.  For any other royals, celebrities and high net worth individuals seeking a relaxing, inspiring, and most importantly private escape from the attention of the world’s press, pioneering luxury eco resort Frégate Island Private is the private island of choice.  An island of outstanding natural beauty, the ultra exclusive Frégate Island Private is home to Anse Victorin, frequently voted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

A blissfully peaceful eco retreat with verdant, tropical interiors and an abundance of unique fauna and flora – the preservation, protection and nurturing of which is a fundamental raison d’être.  Activities include exploring the island’s jungle interior and dramatic coastline via shaded walking paths; spotting rare, protected species, from Aldabra giant tortoises and Magpie Robins to the giant Tenebrionid beetle – unique to the island; or simply relaxing on one of Frégate’s seven secluded dream beaches; enjoying bespoke dining experiences anywhere on the island – in the Tree House, at the beach or a favorite setting of the guest’s own discovery.  For the ones seeking for relaxation the Rock Spa is a natural haven of serenity, where only pure, natural products are prepared from over 130 island-grown ingredients.

Frégate Island is the easternmost island of Mahé,  the granitic Inner Islands of the Seychelles.  It is only 2.19 square kilometers and is primarily known as a secluded, private luxury resort and its Anse Victorin beach was voted “The World’s Best Beach” by The Times.  It was named by explorer Lazare Picault after the abundance of frigatebirds on the island.  The island is covered with takamaka, cashew and Indian almond trees and is home to the rare Seychelles Magpie Robin as well as several relocated Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

The highest point on the island is called Mount Signale, which reaches a peak of 125 metres (410 feet) in the central west area of the island.  The Riviére Bambous flows from approximately 300 metres north-east of the mountain where it flows down past the Gros Bois Noire and Plaine Magnan areas of the northern inner island and then acutely northeast until it reaches the Indian Ocean north of the airstrip on the east coast.  Beaches on the north coast include from west to east the award winning Anse Victorin beach, Anse Maquereau and then Anse Bambous on the north-east corner of the island.  On the western point of the island there is the Pointe Fouqué and then on the southwest coast the Grand Anse, Petit Grande Anse and the small beach Anse Felix.  On the southeastern coast there are the small beaches of Anse Coup de Poing and Anse Parc. There is a still a plantation house on the island, this is located near the eastern coast of the island south of the airstrip.  Frégate Island Private is always a great choice for any occasion.  So contact us to turn your royal romantic dreams into reality 😉

Author: Africa Road Travel

Africa Road Travel is an established inbound southern African tour operator. Our parent company (Cape AgriTours) was established more than 14 years ago, Africa Road Travel started in 2001 and opened their own independent offices in Cape Town in 2004. Since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds, besides the years of accumulated professional industry knowledge and experience, we enjoy special industry contracts with many service providers, Hotels and Guest Houses. This allows us to provide you with individual attention, free assistance with your vacation plans, a free ground handling service and discount prices.

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