Responsible Tourism in South Africa

We humans should be the guardians and caretakers of the earth.  We are entrusted with the preservation of the world for future generations.  We do not own the fresh water, the air, the plants, or anything that lives on the earth and in the sea.  Everything we take or make use of should be replaced with interest.  Everything we do must be with a clear conscience, with due respect and a true desire to better the lives of the people around us.

Environmental Responsibility

– Road Travel limit the amount of paper waste, always re-using paper whenever possible. We actively encourage communication via electronic mediums and store all documents and data digitally instead of on paper.
– We do not print paper brochures but instead use digitally produced brochures.
– We encourage our guests to get “off the beaten track” and visit places of unique beauty and interest, not on the “bus rush” trail.
– We ensure that the suppliers we feature minimise water wastage and atmospheric pollution from the tours we offer.
– In bringing visitors to rural areas, and thereby creating employment, we also educate the local communities about the importance of preserving nature and everything in it.
– We ensure that the size and style of tourism is appropriate to local conditions, and doesn’t strain the local resources and facilities.

Social Responsibility

– Road Travel employs companies that treat their staff fairly and are paid a fair wage.
– We design and encourage tours to community-based eco projects that are run in a responsible manner and which benefit the whole community.
– We use suppliers that will give our clients a genuine insight into the culture of the areas they visit.
– Before arriving at a local community, our guests are informed about the local customs and traditions.  This is to make them aware of the impact their behaviour can have on the local community.
– We support the concept of Responsible Tourism, as we strongly believe that local communities must share the benefits of tourism.
– We develop long-term relationships with our suppliers so that the benefit to locals is continuous.

Economic Responsibility

– Road Travel work with local companies who try to give the best long-term economic benefit to their communities, whilst also maintaining the environment.
– We always try to use local guides and to support worthy community projects when possible in our tours.  Their local knowledge, often gained from birth, is invaluable and gives the visitor a unique experience.
– We aim to use locally owned accommodation as far as possible.  These venues employ local people and support local producers of food and goods, thus assisting with the general empowerment of the community.
– We encourage our guests to purchase their souvenirs and holiday mementos from reputable local traders.  This will benefit the visitor as these items are usually more affordable when purchased directly from the source, and it also benefits the local economy.