World Golf Championship heads to South Africa

Road Travel has been informed that South Africa is set to host the World Golf Championship from 2012.  This is fantastic news indeed, and we look forward to assisting any golfers who want to experience some of the best golf courses the world has to offer.  Not to mention the superior accommodation, excellent facilities, great activities and lovely people!

The announcement follows extensive meetings between the US PGA Tour and the International Federation of PGA Tours, of which the Sunshine Tour in South Africa is a founding member.  The World Golf Championship will feature the top 70 players in the world golf rankings.

Said Commissioner of the Sunshine Tour, Gareth Tindall: “This is without a doubt, the most significant milestone in the history of professional golf in South Africa, what is even more significant is that we have the commitment that we will host this World Golf Championship event for a period of five years.  That has enormously positive implications for the game and for our country as a whole.”

The event will be closely linked to building awareness of poverty and the HIV/Aids pandemic in Africa and will be known as the Tournament of Hope.  In closing, Tindall said: “We now find ourselves at the beginning of one of the most exciting chapters in South African sport and we have plenty of work to do.  We look forward to being able to make further announcements about the World Golf Championship event in due course.”