South Africa as a Tourist Destination, in a Nutshell

South Africa is celebrated for its incredible natural beauty.  It has some of the most varied and diverse landscapes and environments in the world, from the tropical beaches and dramatic mountains of KwaZulu Natal, to the sweeping emptiness of the Karoo or Kalahari Desert.  Many visitors come to see the wildlife and the choice of excellent game reserves virtually guarantees good sightings of a whole host of African animals and birds.  But the cities too are equally interesting, from the fast-paced sophistication of Johannesburg, the spicy humidity of Durban, to the spectacular setting and vibrancy of Cape Town.

South Africa also has a compelling history from the Boer War to the more recent breakdown of Apartheid, seen in its colonial architecture, breezy battlefields and contemporary museums.  Yet it is the people who are the beating pulse of South Africa.  It has the largest population of people of European descent in Africa, the largest Indian population outside of Asia, and the largest Colored (of mixed European and African descent) community in Africa, making it one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the continent.

There are 11 official languages, several religions, and a myriad of cultural identities that are reflected through food, dress, music and dance.  Visitors to South Africa will not only marvel at its staggering natural beauty, but also gain an insight on how the Rainbow Nation got its name.

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