Client’s Feedback

Thanks again to Road Travel Africa for an excellent job…My clients had a memorable trip and were very impressed by the services provided by your company.
They truly loved their itinerary: the accommodation, the guides, the people and of course, the animals! They called Africa “magical” , “life changing” and returned home with lots of pictures to share.
As always, I truly appreciate your guidance, recommendations and planning in assisting my clients to make their dreams come true.
Looking forward to working with you soon on my next project!
Marie-France Isabelle – November 2013

“Our stay in SA was exceptional , thanks for organizing everything , the time in Kruger Park was amazing , we got a wonderful house in KP lounge and did our Christmas party in front of a private pool , visits of falls and canyon were impressive an the last part in cape town really enjoyable , with a tour in wineyard and half a day in Stellenbosh.

Again thank you for your very good advices and your support.
We do hope to come again !!
Moraud Family – December 2012

“Thank you for the great organization for our trip.
We had wonderful days in South Africa and the experience will be unforgettable.

All the lodges and hotels were superb, specially Singita.
The game viewings were definitely the most amazing part of our trip and the guides we had at Singita were not only very nice but most of all, had deep knowledge and bush skills. 
In Johannesburg we changed the schedule a litlle bit by going to the Apartheid Museum, which was great, and we skipped the visit to shebeem and township house, as actually those kind of places are not unknown to Brazilians. 
Our time in Cape Town was also terrific. There are so many beautiful places to visit around there. You are lucky to have your office in such a pretty town as Stellenbosch!
Thank you for everything. We hope to come back soon.
Best regards”
Christiane and Bruno, Brazil

We had a wonderful time.
Wonderful service, knowledgeable guides, and beautiful accommodations.    We wouldn’t change a thing and in fact would like to come back again someday.
The one travel day was a bit long given the helicopter situation (bad weather), but the country is so beautiful that the drive was okay.
Thanks again for your help and recommendations.

C. Lundin & G. Shewchuk, USA

It is we who thank you!   It was the most marvelous trip we could imagine! 

I am very slow to reply to you but I want to send a longer thank you soon.  Six days after arriving back home, we had to go to Washington, DC and North Carolina for 12 days.  We have been home a week from that and only now am I ‘returning to normal’.  There are so many things I want to share with you about our trip.  We quickly realized that the key to such an incredible trip was you.  My one regret is that when we were in Cape Town, we did not meet you even though we drove by where you live.  It looked lovely.
I will be back to you with more grateful feedback from our trip.
Thank you!”
B. Ferguson, USA

Capetown- gorgeous, people great, hotel excellent- perfect, tours were good, weather windy so we couldn’t do Table Mtn or Cape, but still very good.
Jock’s-excellent, great ranger, good food, nice facilities, great service, nice mix of modern and rustic. Joburg-Hotel was great-thank you for getting them to upgrade me to junior suite.
S. Klein, USA

This trip exceeded my every expectation.  The degree of freedom that the cars afforded was a wonderful plus.  The farm stays and Clan William were unique experiences that not everyone gets going to South Africa.  I loved it all.  Your follow-up with every reservation made me feel very special and cared for.  It was a great experience.
Yesterday, I took my camera to Wal Mart and 742 pictures later, I brought my disks home.  Everyone wants pictures and the ones from Kruger will be a big hit.  I also will spend time writing to all my new friends.  I met people from Denmark, Italy, Germany, India and a special couple from South Africa that will become a part of a future network of lovely people.  I must write my new friends in Clan William and Satara Rest Camp.
I would like to help you in any way I can.  If you need someone to provide a recommendation on your services, please, please let me know.  I’d be happy to speak with anyone about the caring professionalism, knowledge and planning skills you provide.  I  know I’ll return to South Africa and you must let me buy you dinner.
Thank you again for everything you did for making this promise come true.  I have a ton of flower pictures and I know she was there to see everyone.
You are  truly a precious person
R. M. Snyder, USA

We want to thank you again for our wonderful African experience. Here is a link to a few of the 4000 photos taken on our holiday:
Thank you for your assistance
J. Riker, USA

My apologies for not being in touch sooner…”reentering” after such a fabulous vacation is difficult and timely, both on the body and the mind!
However, my sincere thanks to you for putting this wonderful itinerary together for us.
You are the heroine….being there all the time to handle all the last minute changes and being very accommodating and gracious.  All the transfers were timely…very helpful, courteous and personable staff.
I personally can’t stop thinking and talking about it….and I know the same applies to everyone else in the group.
The places we stayed were all wonderful. My favorite was Lion Sands…and they spoilt me, by upgrading one night to Ivory Lodge…..what a place!  This is not saying that I did not love Kapama/Cape Grace…they were all wonderful choices on your behalf.
Many, many thanks to you for the goody bags…much appreciated by all! and personal thanks for getting mine back….
I don’t want to write a book here.  A memorable experience..
I am ready to return, so hope that I can continue to bring you business that will prove mutually beneficial to all!
I will keep in touch and look forward to seeing you when you visit.
M. Isabelle, USA

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